Popular Smartphones

Expectedly, the Apple brand has become the leader in user preferences. And for reason! iPhone 7 Plus is still in demand in no small part thanks to its camera that gives the result similar to professional photo equipment. Plus, this model is dust and water-proof, which makes it already better than the 6S model.

The biggest advantage of Samsung as a brand and Galaxy S7 Edge as a model is its hardware in contrast to the software features of this phone. Plus, this model has saved a home button, which is rear to see on up-to-date devices. The design is pretty decent and will look solid over the years.

Created in India, the smartphone Infinix S4 is in no way worse than its Chinese colleagues. It allows its users playing games with quite “heavy” graphics, watching videos at the display of 6.21 inches, and taking photos of quite good quality with the help of the 3-cameras system. All in all, this budget telephone gives exactly what you expect for the sum of money you pay for it.

For small money, the telephone provides you with 2 sim-cards, a camera with autofocus, 3G and 4G support, FM-radio, fingerprints, and FaceID. The battery safely holds the charge round the clock. If you’re looking for a budget offer on the smartphone market, that’s definitely your choice.

This model is the oldest of the entire line of low-cost phones by Huawei. The device is equipped with a large screen, a design without frames, and 4 cameras. Both parts of the cover are made of glass of 2.5D type, and their frame is made of metal materials. There is a fingerprint sensor on the back cover. There is only one speaker, but it is quite loud.

Source: Legit Newspaper